Digital Advertising

Automotive Digital Advertising

Chumney & Associate’s Digital Advertising maximizes your advertising budget by using today’s most innovative SEM tools to reach shoppers wherever they are online. These days, people check email on their watch. They watch TV on their phones. They make phone calls from their computers. Technology is more ingrained and interchangeable than ever in our daily lives.

Whether your customers are using search engines, checking their inbox, watching videos, or surfing social media, your ad budget is optimized for success and will spend to target with our programmatic approach. Using your own sales data, we create a pinpoint strategy designed to reach the shoppers you need, and your campaign travels across the internet through targeted display, social advertising, video advertising, dynamic VIN advertising, and Gmail and Lightbox ads.

Once your new strategy goes live, you’ll stay in the loop on how your campaigns are doing with an extranet dashboard and scheduled sends. These real-time analytics will prove that you made the intelligent decision to put Chumney & Associates in charge of your automotive advertising.