Traditional Automotive Advertising

Traditional Automotive Advertising

Chumney & Associates knows that the traditional methods of automotive advertising aren’t going anywhere, and our services provide the exposure to drive sales. Shoppers still watch TV, listen to the radio, check their mailboxes, and see billboards, but the goal is to get them in your showroom. That’s where we come in.

As we do with every new client, we want to get to know you. We meet with you to define your market and develop your brand. We study your sales and demographics as well to discover your target audience and create your perfect message and overall advertising strategy that we can create in-house and use in traditional media as well as your online presence.

Drive Showroom Traffic With Custom-Tailored Digital-Marketing Solutions

Our team of specialists create dynamic online visitor experiences that encourage interactions with prospects, who will then be compelled to do business with you. From conquest to branding, we help you maximize your ad dollars while delivering a consistent message across all your marketing channels.

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