Automotive Market Research

Automotive Market Research

Chumney & Associates’ Automotive Market Research team follows solid data-driven research to secure your dealership’s position in your market. Using tools such as Polk sale registrations, Cross-Sell sale registrations, and Manufacturer Franchise Reports gives us the dealer’s perspective of their vehicle sales. The benefits of our automotive market research include the following:

  • The capacity to identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses within the marketplace so that you receive the most effective traditional and digital advertising campaigns.
  • The power to drill down into your and your competitors’ sales registrations, identify areas of improvement, and offer the marketing approaches to achieve desired results.
  • The ability to stay on the same page with you, speak your language, and be consistent with your dealership’s message.

Drive Showroom Traffic With Custom-Tailored Digital-Marketing Solutions

Our team of specialists create dynamic online visitor experiences that encourage interactions with prospects, who will then be compelled to do business with you. From conquest to branding, we help you maximize your ad dollars while delivering a consistent message across all your marketing channels.

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